Consultancy Services

We are providing a host of reliable consultancy services to our renowned customers. These services are listed below:

  • Thorough market investigation for few selected products for selling in China.
  • Offering all-embracing solutions under a single company for projects related to gas plants.
  • Conducting feasibility studies.

KGS pre-audit services

Herein, we assist those clients who want to apply for KGS Certificate for heat exchangers, cylinders, pressure vessels and pressure devices such as relief valves so that the said range can be exported to South Korea. In our KGS pre-audit services, we can provide support via document reviewing and pre-audit inspections. Further, we also help applicants by recommending them suitably so that their findings are improved and hence they can pass the official audit for receiving the KGS certificate.

QC Control Services

If local Chinese Manufacturers are on your mind, then we provide you the most feasible QC control Services related to them. Herein, we provide support via:

  • Manufacturing schedule control and facilitating
  • Regular and timely inspection during the production
  • Leakage and pressure test witness and monitoring
  • Inspection at the stage of pre-shipment
  • Supervision of container loading
  • Factory audit