Cryogenic N2 / O2 Generating Unit

Cryogenic N2 O2 generating unit, as the names implies, generates highly pure molecular oxygen / gaseous or liquid nitrogen through air separation process. The atmospheric air passes through many filtration stages and the generated oxygen/nitrogen is then transferred into storage tank/cylinders or fed into end-users pipeline. The molecular oxygen cylinders are used in sectors, like medical, diving, metal production, welding, ammonia production, petrochemical, polyester manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic manufacturing, etc. The Cryogenic N2 O2 generating unit comprises warm end container, coldbox and storage system. The components that lie in these categories are compressor, air receiver, chiller, pre-filter, air purification unit, main heat exchanger, condenser, distillation column, expansion brake turbine, liquid nitrogen/oxygen tank and vapourizer. For more information, like production range, oxygen output, nitrogen output, purity, pressure and dew point; send us an enquiry.