Gas Generating and Treatment Plant

Eason Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd. supplies a variety of gas generating and treatment plants to the market. From Cryogenic N2/O2 Generating Unit, N2 Generating Unit, PSA N2 Generating Unit to H2 Purification and Dehydro Unit are developed by the company. Using these gas generating equipment, gases like oxygen, nitrogen, liquid nitrogen can be generated to be used in welding and production of photovoltaic, semiconductor, ammonia, metal, polyester, etc. Atmospheric air comprises oxygen, nitrogen, moisture, carbon dioxide, helium, argon, etc., and this equipment works by separating the oxygen and nitrogen from the air. Oxygen and nitrogen generated are mostly compressed to a pressure and filled into cylinders. The gas generating and treatment plant, like H2 purification plant are applicable in many industries, like metallurgical and steel, petrochemical and refining, glass and float glass manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, food, electronics, etc.