Natural Gas Drying and De-Hydro Unit

Gases, like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and more are widely used in many medical and industrial applications, for instance, oxygen can be used for the treatment of sludge wastes in waste water treatment, as a plasma cutting gas, composition of chemical, aid in the treatment of hypoxemia, metal production, fermenters and bioreactors, delignification, welding, etc. Similarly, hydrogen is used in many industries, from automotive & transportation, energy, refining, chemical, refining, glass, electronics to pharmaceutical, welding and metallurgical. The industrial applications may use compressed hydrogen gas, refrigerated liquid hydrogen, hydrogen gas air mixture, hydrogen gas argon mixture, hydrogen gas nitrogen mixture or any other mix. And it is possible that a specific application may require compressed or liquid gases in specific purity and concentration. Therefore, it is essential to treat the gases and this can be done using gas treatment equipment. Our company offers Dehydro Unit and H2 Purification in different configurations.